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Welcome to Allianz Global Services Limited

Allianz Global Services (AGS) is started in 2013 and change to Limited company in 2013 “Allianz Global Services Limited (AGSL) with wide experience in handling corporate, banking and trade finance matters. AGSL provides a one-stop solution to overseas based entrepreneurs who wish to establish a presence in Hong Kong and 30-40 worldwide countries without having to incur the heavy fixed expenses of leasing premises and hiring own staff. AGSL handles transactions on behalf of the clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Trade and Banking Services

We will provide all of the trading and banking services.

Company Formation

We will handle all the work for the company registration and the formation.

Company Secretarial Services

We will provide effective administration with compliance with legislation.

Nominee Services

Provision of nominee directors and nominee shareholders

Audit and Accounting Services

We will provide all of the Audit and Accounting Services.

Treasury Services

Cash Management & Financial Reporting

Consultancy for Individuals and Corporation

We provide consultancy for Individuals and Corporation.

Broker / Agent

For synergistic business, tie-ups and once-off business transactions