Allianz Global Services (Allianz) is started in 2013 and have change to Limited company in 2013 “A Global Services Limited” (Allianz) with wide experience in handling corporate, banking and trade finance matters.
Allianz provides a one-stop solution to overseas based entrepreneurs who wish to establish a presence in Hong Kong and 30-40 worldwide countries without having to incur the heavy fixed expenses of leasing premises and hiring own staff. Allianz handles transactions on behalf of the clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Allianz currently manages above 500 companies in a short span of its formation. The products our clients do business in are diverse: metals, garments, chemicals, ferrous as well as non-ferrous scrap, minerals, rough/ polished diamonds, spare parts, gift items, electrical appliances, online business, restaurant, etc.

Moving In Your Direction

Allianz Global Services Limited (Allianz ) is established in the year 2013. It is dedicated to servicing our esteemed and valuable clients by providing advanced, practical and cost-effective solutions. While highly focused on its core activities i.e. company formation and fiduciary services, existing clients demand a wider range of business services has transformed Allianz into a multi-discipline service organization.
Allianz prides itself in its flexibility and willingness to adapt to constant changes in business environment. Our customer-driven approach has been instrumental in the introduction of new services and enhancement of existing ones. Allianz is the ideal first stop for anyone seeking to rationalize a business structure or optimize individual wealth preservation. Our mission is to strive to achieve optimal benefit for our clients with creative and proactive solutions.

Setting you on course, with the right solutions.

Allianz is applicable to both individuals and corporations. These include business, executive and family members who seek wealth preservation, estate planning and succession. Corporate clients include conglomerates, multinational corporations, family business and small and medium-sized enterprises. Allianz provides services that are relevant to all types of clients. Contact our executive to inquire about customized solutions that suit your needs. The following are the typical services offered by Allianz .:-

Understanding your needs

We always participate, in the per – incorp stage to develop an innate understanding of our client’s objective. We offer creative and proactive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our client’s objective coupled with our suggested solutions, we are committed to achieve optimum benefits for our clients. This keen focus and strategized approach will ensure that our client’s needs are met right from the beginning.

Global Connections

Our experienced internal capabilities are backed by a network of close working relationships with accounting firms, Law firm, Hong Kong and 30-40 worldwide countries banks, tax and financial advisors in Hong Kong and overseas. We have associates and affiliates with major jurisdictions around the world. This allows us to keep up to date with the changing rules and regulations.

A Diverse Portfolio

Our portfolio of clients includes conglomerates, multinational corporations, public & private companies, startup operations, partnership trust and high net worth individuals, international banks (retails and private bankers) Local and international law firms, accounting firms and consultancy firms.

Beginning the journey with Allianz

The distinctions of an offshore company from its onshore counterpart are low or no taxes afforded by the jurisdictions and less rigorous client requirements. The word became a generic term that included such mainland financial centers as Monaco, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Panama and a cluster of jurisdictions in the Caribbean. But every country is offshore to the rest of the world and having a “tax free – regime “is not always the primary consideration as there may be other fiscal , legal and administrative reasons for going “offshore”
In the following page you will find a list of uses of offshore companies. This list is compiled based on our past experiences with different portfolios of clients, catering to their needs and achieving the objectives. However anti – avoidance legislation in their country of residence may also need to be considered in the careful planning and structuring of an offshore company. We advise all clients to consult with their professional advisers in their country of residence/ domicile on such matters

Investment Holding

Offshore companies can be used to hold investment in companies, joint ventures, properties, financial instruments, etc. Confidentiality of the investment can be achieved by using nominee services.

International Trading

For clients with exposure to trading with foreign parties, offshore companies can be used to preserve overseas income in foreign accounts. For countries where there are currency controls, the foreign accounts can be used to pay overseas parties, thus avoiding the constraints and delays of having to obtain approval before transferring funds.

Provision of Consultancy services

Where clients are professionals providing consultancy, advisory, management or agency services income can be routed through offshore companies for greater tax efficiency.